Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Photographing Your Knits

As part of her Summer Sweater Knit-A-Long, Shannon at luvinthemommyhood has been featuring a number of really interesting guest posts on a variety of knitting topics.  One of my favorite posts was about photographing your knitwear by Michelle at My So-Called Handmade Life.  

Taking good photographs of my knitting is something I struggle with.  Most of my photos usually look boring and stiff.  I never seem to capture the feel and atmosphere that I'm looking for. 

So after reading Michelle's post, I found the perfect opportunity to put her advice to use.  It had been raining most of the day, but around dinnertime the sun came out.  Our neighbors have recently moved and so hubby and I had complete privacy in our backyard to play around without an audience.  We went to work and captured some great images (I think).

watching the hummingbirds fly by

Here's what I learned:

1.  Our work backyard fence makes an interesting backdrop for these photos.  I like the textural element it adds to these pics.

2.  My most recent haircut is distinctly lopsided.

3.  My husband is a great photographer, but not a great fashion stylist.  I need to train him to tell me when my bra strap is showing and when to suck in my gut.

We'll keep working on the photos, but I think there is great potential in our backyard to take some interesting shots.  BTW - this shawl is my latest free pattern:  The Crossroads Textured Shawl.


  1. The last photo of you watching the hummingbirds is my favorite! It's candid and stylish. Number three made me laugh aloud. I'm always saying, "Why didn't you tell me my bra strap was showing or my muffin top was creepin'... " He'll say he didn't notice or that I don't have a gut. UGH. Boys!

  2. Thanks, Heather! We were actually afraid that the hummingbirds might start attacking us during this photo spot. It's scary out there in the wild :)

    Hubby can be a bit clueless, but he's a good guy. I'll keep him :)