Friday, November 29, 2013

Recession Knitting: Update 2

I have been holding true to my commitment to knit down some of my stash.

My latest project is another pair of my Textured Fingerless Mitts (free pattern on my Hubpage).  I loved the first pair I made (from some gorgeous hand dyed merino from Ewe and Me Yarns on, but I gave them away.  I didn't have enough of that yarn to make another pair, so I used some Araucania kettle dyed wool leftover from some projects I made for my hubby. 

I'm happy with the results.  These mitts were also knit as part of a Big Bang Theory knit-a-long, so I wanted to show them off with my BBT bobble head set.  Yes, I know, these dolls don't really look like the characters.  Penny is particularly just a generic blonde.  But I have kept them mint in box :)


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Holiday Knitting Ideas

Yes, it's that time of year again, when most knitters turn their attention (and their needles) to holiday gifts.  And what makes holiday knitting much more fun?  FREE knitting patterns!

DROPS, those wonderful suppliers of so many free patterns, have pulled together their best holiday projects in their Christmas Workshop 2013.  This (free) pattern collection is just jam packed with great ideas for knitted and crocheted gifts.  I love all the sock and mitt patterns!

And if your looking for more free knitting patterns, check out my Hubpages (apologies for the shameless plug).  I've recently added some fun craft projects for the holiday season!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Big Bang, Anyone?

After finishing my Summer Sweater KAL, I didn't really want to sign up for another one right now.  I had some other projects in mind, I wanted to take a bit of a break, etc...BUT then some other Summer Sweater KAL members suggested a Big Bang Theory knit-a-long, and I couldn't resist :)

I'm not really knitting anything Big Bang-inspired for this KAL, I'm still working on some of my "recession knitting" projects.  But the KAL also includes Big Bang Theory trivia, and as a dedicated fan of the show, I am enjoying participating in these fun (and surprisingly difficult) questions.

If I were going to make something BBT-inspired (and if I knew how to crochet) I would TOTALLY make these dolls designed by Allison Hoffman.  They are completely AWESOME!!!  They look so much like the characters from the show.  It's amazing!  I have a set of manufactured bobble heads of the cast that my husband gave me, and these handmade dolls look way more like the actual cast than my bobble heads.  They are so cool!