Thursday, June 20, 2013

A New Obsession: Shawl Pins

I recently finished knitting my first shawl - the beautiful Luster Shawl by Amélie Bernier (which I love, love, love).  I have, however, found that it is almost impossible to wear a shawl without some type of clasp to hold it together and in place.  So I started looking online at various styles of shawl pins, and realized I already had the necessary materials and could make a few shawl pins on my own.

Above are the fruits of my creative labors :)

The top pin is a geometric wire and bead design that anyone can make with some simple supplies
(a bead and some wire) and a pair of needle nose pliers.

The middle pin is a beautiful  beaded stick pin that can also be worn as a hair ornament.  This stick pin is made with a polymer clay stick and a bead, then decorated with acrylic paint and some copper wire detail.


The last is a polymer clay pin and stick, kind of a traditional design in a bright color combination.

All of these pins are easy to make with some creativity and some time.  The tutorials for all these pins are on my Hubpage, or you can follow the links below:

Wire and Bead Shawl Pin
Beaded Shawl Stick Pin or Hair Ornament
Pretty Polymer Clay Shawl Pin and Stick