Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Summer Sweater Knit-A-Long, Update 3

Yea!  Hurrah!  I'm almost done with the two fronts of my Peterborough!! (Celebration ensues).

But, of course, with progress comes more modifications.  As I was knitting the first front piece, I realized the original pattern called for another rib band across the waist in the front.  I had not read through the entire pattern before starting (again) and did not realize this was part of the design (I partial blame the photo with the pattern that hides the ribbing with a belt - but then again, I should have checked what I was getting into before starting).

I didn't really like the ribbing in the front and hadn't planned on it.  However, if I omitted it, I would have to do more decreases on the front pieces than I had done on my back.  Luckily, I realized I could work in the additional decreases that I needed along the Stst edge by the cabled collar.  This actually solved two problems - I could add in the additional decreases and still match my back piece AND I could create a slight v-neck on the collar that would pull this itchy wool yarn a little bit away from my neck. 

I ended up doing 5 decreases at the lace edge.  I'm hoping with a good blocking, they will be unnoticeable in my stitches.

Next up - the sleeves.  There's nothing really interesting to say about sleeves.  I'm planning to knit them in the round, instead of flat, by casting on only 60 sts.  Hopefully, I will have them both done by September 1!!


  1. Looks great! Thanks for the awesome tip on my post today!

  2. Thanks, Shannon! I love all the great info on your blog!!