Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Confessions of a Wife Left Behind

So we closed on our new house last Friday.  And this past Tuesday, my husband left for an 8 day business trip.  This is the second time he's left me to do all the packing and unpacking from a move all by myself!  This time, I decided to get some retail compensation.

I've bought two knit-related items, though neither is a big splurge.

Purchase #1 -  I finally hunted down a knit-novel that I had been searching for.  I found Unravelled by Robyn Harding on ebay for $2.31.  I find these knit genre books are all pretty similar and a bit hokey.  That aside, this book is a light read, a great distraction from the stress of moving, and I am enjoying it :)

Purchase #2 - I bought a mini-skein of hand-dyed merino sock yarn from Wullenstudio off of esty.  I have a plan to make a necklace, similar to one on saw on Anthropologie, from this yarn.  Once I'm done, I'll share my notes on this blog.  Stay tuned!!

Although I'm miffed about my husband's absence, I can't complain completely.  I've managed to make great headway on my lace pullover. 

I've completed the back piece and I am almost done with the front!!  Just the sleeves, blocking, and joining to go!  I might actually finish this sweater by the end of June.  (And I still love the color!)

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