Thursday, May 10, 2012

Coffee Tables, Coasters, and Ottomans (Oh My!)

More about the new house, decorating and knitting...

We will be buying new furniture for the living/family room.  Everything we have now is stuff my husband or I bought after college and have been hauling around with us for years.  I'm particularly excited about getting a nice(ish) coffee table, something like this beauty from Macy's.

from Macy's website
(Actually I can't see paying this much for a coffee table, but I like the glass top and the medium wood color, and I think we can find something similar at other stores).

Of course, if we invest in a nice coffee table (i.e. something that hasn't had three previous owners and was bought at Goodwill), then we need to treat it well.  Do I hear coasters?

I just finished these babies last night.  Using the pattern for Pinwheel Coasters from Ravelry, I knitted these using some leftover Red Heart Fiesta from a previous project.  I made 6 coasters with a #8 needle, then used various scrap yarn to darn the center hole, adding the different colors.  I like how funky this set looks.  And very utilitarian, too! 

And on another decorating note, I think I may have found my ottoman:

I bought this ottoman at Target for around $55 (but I had a gift card).  It doesn't really "match" the chair, but I love the fabric and all the colors.  I think I'm going to keep it.  Heck, its my knitting room - I can have whatever furniture I want, right?

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