Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A (Knitting) Room of One's Own

Well, my lace pullover sweater is going about as well as possible.  Its been slow in knitting, but I've been having some wrist pain and trying to take it easy by cutting down on my knitting :(  This has been disappointing, but there has been some GREAT news:  My husband and I are in the process of buying a new home!  Best part - I am going to convert the formal dining room into a knitting/arts room of my very own!!! 

I've never had a dedicated arts room for my projects, but I think this room will be perfect. I really love it!! Its light and bright and just the right size (the photo above is from the real estate listing and features the sellers' dining room furniture).  To be honest - its one of the main reasons I wanted to buy the house :)

And I'm so excited to start decorating this room (and the rest of the house).  I've had this wonderful overstuffed green armchair for many, many years, but have never really used it or even sat in it.  I've always loved it so much that I put it in the dark corner of every living room I've had, fearing it might get faded by sunlight.  Well, now I'm going to use it.  It should be a very comfortable knitting chair.  Maybe I need an ottoman to go with it?
I love this one from the Anthropologie website, but it doesn't really go with my chair.

I have a couple of these small bookcase/storage units that I want to put in the room, probably under the windows.  I'll use these to store my books and art supplies.  And I want to put my small work table in there for blocking and other projects. 

Next step - I want to get a funky area rug for the room to make it cozy.  I've scoured many a website looking at area rugs.  There are some really beautiful ones out there, but I'd like to keep the cost under $150 (or much, much less). 

One of my favorites is this rug from World Market, but they're out of the size I need and the price is much higher than what I'd like to pay.

I've even found some interesting area rugs on Walmart's website (like this or this) at much better prices.  Luckily, I have some time to look around for something I really like at the right price.

I'm sure I'll have updates, but enough about decorating and shopping - back to knitting: who hasn't fallen in love with this top from the upcoming Summer 2012 issue of Interweave Knits?  I know I said I needed to take it slower with my knitting, but this beauty has made it's way to the top of my queue!!

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