Wednesday, March 26, 2014

For the Birds: Getting Ready

In celebration of the beginning of Spring, as promised, I pulled together my scrap yarn and put it out for the birds to use to build nests.

I had planned to buy a suet cage like Susan uses for her scrap yarn, but then I remembered that the previous owners of our house had left an old deer corn feeder behind.  I thought it might work for my scrap yarn too!

I had been holding on to bits and pieces of yarn in a little pouch to use to tie on tags, etc.  I tried to pick the most colorful yarn to put out for the birds, so I could see it if they used it in their nests.  Any long pieces of yarn, I cut down to 5 to 8 inches in length.

My scrap yarn has been out in our yard since last Friday.  So far, there's been little activity around it.  I'm not sure that our feeder is going to work well for the birds, since it doesn't really have anywhere for them to land on to access the feeder.  I also might have packed the yarn too tight for the birds to pull and get out of the holder.

I'm going to keep it out for a couple more weeks, then I might upgrade to a suet cage :)

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