Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Drops Yoked Sweater: Update 1 & An Unveiling

I'm hard a work on a couple of knitting projects, but wanted to post an update on my Drops cardigan with the textured yoke.

I'm almost up to the armpits and will be starting the sleeves soon(ish).  I changed the bottom hem of the sweater from seed stitch to k2, p2 ribbing by following the directions for a different Drops sweater.  

To do this, I cast on 204 sts for the second size (The rib pattern calls for casting on 210 sts, but that's with a 7 stitch button band on each side - I'm knitting a 5 st band.  So I subtracted 4 sts to delete the extra sts from the button band, then subtracted another 2 sts so I could begin and end my k2, p2 ribbing with knit stitches).

I knit my ribbing to the length I wanted (about 2 1/2 inches), then decreases 31 sts across to get me to the stitch count I needed for the first yoked sweater (173 stitches).  From there I plan to follow the pattern as written.  But I am going to make the sleeves full length (again by following the ribbed Drops pattern).  I'll post more info on that when I get to the sleeves.

In the meantime, I wanted to give you a sneak peek at the BEAUTIFUL variegated yarn I plan to use for the yoke.  I bought this yarn at SAFF this past fall.  I had no plans for it, but fell in love with the gorgeous colors.  I hope the textured stitches in this cardigan's yoke will make the most of showing off all the various colors :)

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