Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Looking Back and Going Forward

Well, my New Year's post has been a bit delayed due to my post-holiday cold:(  But inspired by a number of fashion blogs, I thought I'd post my favorite projects/knitting patterns of 2011 and my plans/resolutions for 2012.

First, a look back at some of my favorite projects from 2011:

1.  Sleeveless Sweater with Circular Yoke
I love this sweater.  I've made two of them, one in 2010 and another in the spring of 2011.  Instead of the fairisle design in the pattern at the neck, I followed in others' footsteps and used Noro yarn to get these changing stripes at the neckline.  I wear both of these sweaters a lot and find this purple version works really well with my wardrobe (and I get a lot of compliments on it).  The short sleeves allow me to wear it for three seasons and a light merino yarn for the body makes it very comfortable.

2.  Fingerless Mitts

I've gone on about fingerless mitts before in this blog, but I have really used and enjoyed the pairs I've made.  I love the ease at which I can get things out of my purse, find my keys, etc while still wearing these mitts.  Before, I was always pulling off then putting back on my gloves.  Ugh.  Fingerless gloves have changed my life (well, not really - but I love them anyway).

The web is filled with great patterns for mitts using all types and weights of yarn.  These are my design.  I love how the color changes in the lace pattern and they are a great match for my winter coat.

3.  Drops Yoke Cardigan

I made this cardigan for my mother-in-law this year for Christmas.  It was my first time trying one of the free Drops patterns, and I love how it came out.  I love the cheerful cherry red color.  And I love the design of the yoke.  This pattern was pretty easy but seemed to take a long time to knit (not sure why).  I haven't seen my mother-in-law in it yet, but I hope she likes it.

Drops has a similar pattern with a different yoke that has been in my project queue for a while, but more about that further down.

Then, a few honorable mentions:

4.  Kashima Cardigan

I wear this sweater A LOT.  I love having a sweater that I can just throw on and go - and this has become that sweater.  I think the burgundy color makes it very versatile and this merino dk makes it warm enough to wear on a 50 degree day, but light enough to wear on hotter days too.

This sweater would have ranked higher on my list, but I don't think this waterfall style of sweater does my figure any favors.  The extra folds of fabric in the front seem to add bulk right where I don't need it :)  I made some modifications to the original paatern to make the front pieces shorter and not so long.  I think this helped and I love this sweater (though not this photo).

5.  Winter Leaves Lace Scarf

I just finished this scarf and it was just what I was looking for!  The pattern is pretty easy and I love the circular design of the lace.  I extended the lace pattern for longer than in the pattern for more of an all-over lace look.  I used a Debbie Stoller Stitch Nation yarn, so the project wasn't that expensive.  I wear this with a lot of my cardigans just to keep the chill off my neck.  Love it!!

And now, onward to 2012! 

I must admit, I don't have a large stash of yarn.  I try (and try) not to buy any yarn unless I have a specific project planned for it.  With that in mind, here are my resoluntions for 2012:

1.  Use up the yarn I have before buying any new yarn.  I have made two larger yarn purchases for particular projects that I have not started yet.  I will not buy any new yarn until I have completed these projects!!

2.  Love my less-favored yarn.  Although I do't usually buy yarn without a purpose, I have (I must admit) made some impluse purchases that I have either fell out of love with or just ignored.  I will find projects for this yarn, perhaps use it to make things for charitable drives.  In the past, I have donated some things to Comfort Scarves in Pittsburgh (and there are many other groups collecting knitted goods).  So I will work through my stash and make things for others in need :)

3.  Find a use for my little leftovers.  I assume everyone has that little half ball of yarn leftover from their projects.  I now have about a bin and a half of these "little balls".  I pledge to find smaller projects where I can use up these little balls.  I have an idea for a design that will use up a variety of yarns and colors and I'm excited to see my stash start to shrink!!

I can also use these leftovers for striped scarves, hats, and mitts for donatons to Comfort Scarves.

Other things:  These are not really resolutions, but in the spirit of new plans - in 2012, I would also like to try intarsia colorwork and learn how to crochet! 

Wish me luck!!  What are your favorite projects from 2011?  And what are your plans for 2012??

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