Friday, January 13, 2012

On Success and Failure

My first update on my 2012 knitting New Year's resolution!  Overall, I give myself a grade of C :(

On the bright side, I have started using up some of my leftovers from other projects.  I made this great Spiral Twist hat using left over gray yarn from a scarf and odds and ends of Noro. 

My husband and I regularly take Sunday walks in a nearby park, and I made this hat with those walks in mind.  This hat is my first time doing stranded work - I'm happy with the color combination of gray with the striping Noro yarn.  I wish I had thought a little bit more about how the colors would line up on the hat.  I would have put the yellow and orange/coral color down by the base of the hat.  Still, it's a nice warm hat for the cold weather season :)

I might have been successful at starting my stashbusting, but I failed on limiting my yarn buying. 

It's only January 13th, and I've already bought new yarn:(  I can't even say it was an impulse purchase, because I drove directly to the store with the intent to buying new yarn.  But, in my defense, it was a great bargain.  I bought this pound bag of 100% cotton yarn (factory mill ends - whatever that is) that is a perfect match for some variagated bamboo that I have left over from another project.  This bag of yarn was $6.99 at AC Moore and I had a 50% off coupon!!  So, I bought a pound of yarn for $3.49!

I plan to use this cotton yarn and the variagated bamboo to make a chevron pullover similar to the one that is on the cover of Knitting Noro.  Although I have no idea how much yardage is in my one pound bag of cotton, I'm sure it will be enough to make a pullover. 

Okay, one more confession - I did buy some additional new yarn.  But I do have a project in mind for it and it was on sale :)

How are you doing with your New Year's resolutions?  What are your plans for new knitting projects?

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