Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Drops Yoked Sweater Update 2: The Sleeves

Yea!  I've knitted both sleeves for my Drops Yoked Sweater!  There's never anything really interesting to say about knitting sleeves, but since I made them longer than the pattern suggested, I thought I would share my process.

I pretty much followed the directions for a different Drops sweater, with a few modifications. I cast on 52 stitches using #7 dpns.  I planned to use the #7's only for the ribbed cuff, than switch to #8's for the rest of the sleeve.  But I thought the weave was too loose on the #8's, so I ripped the sleeve back to the ribbing and knit the whole sleeve on #7's.

So, cast on 52 sts on #7 dpns.  Then I knit 15 rounds of k1,p1 ribbing for my cuff.

Next round, I switched to stocking stitch, WHILE decreasing 13 sts evenly across the round, leaving me with 39 sts.

Knit in Stst until my sleeve measured 3 1/2 inches, then increased 2 sts.

Continued knitting until my sleeve was 5 inches (roughly 10 rounds), increased 2 sts.

Knit another 10 rounds (6 1/2 inches), increased 2 sts.

Knit 10 more rounds (or 8 inches), increased 2 sts.

I continued increasing 2 sts every 10 rounds or about every 1 1/2 inches until my sleeve was 14 inches long.  Then I began increasing 2 sts every 8 rounds until I reached 57 sts total.

Then I knit straight until my sleeve was 16 inches long (though I wish I had made them 1/2 to an inch longer).

BTW - I had this brilliant idea to join the sleeves to the body using a three-needle bind off.  Don't do it.  Follow the instructions and bind off the stitches as directed, and seam them when you're done.  It's easier.  Trust me :)


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