Monday, May 2, 2011

For the Love of Vintage Buttons

My latest obsession is vintage buttons.  They come in such wonderful shapes, patterns, and colors.  Why don't they make buttons like this anymore?

It started a few years ago.  I went into a notions shop in Pittsburgh to replace some buttons on a jacket I had bought.  I left the store with the buttons I needed, plus about 20 more vintage buttons that I just had to have.
My favorite from this trip is a large brown and green deco button.  I have yet to use it, because I want the perfect piece for it.

I'm lucky to have both my grandmother's and my aunt's button boxes and the boxes are filled with wonderful treasures.  (I love that women had the good sense to save buttons back in the day.)  And I've put these buttons to good use.

Now I have started buying vintage buttons on the internet and its getting out of hand (ssh, don't tell my husband).  I often go searching for the right buttons to go on sweaters I'm knitting, but to be honest, I buy multiple styles of buttons for most projects. 

Some of my recent purchases are these embroidered linen buttons.  I actually found 5 of them.  I'm not sure I'll ever find something to put them on, but they're great and I love them.

And I also love these little pink flower buttons.  I bought them to put on a baby sweater, but I ended up changing my yarn and they no longer worked for the project.  Maybe next time :)

My next sweater is going to be a purple lace cardigan and I'm on the search for just the right vintage buttons (even though I haven't started the sweater yet).  Wish me luck!

P.S.  I am working on another knitting pattern and should have it posted in a couple of weeks.

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