Sunday, September 13, 2015

When Not to Knit a Sweater

If you read this blog at all, you know I love knitting sweaters as much as the next knitter.  But sometimes you can find a fabulous sweater all pre-made and perfect just waiting for you at the store!  This lightweight cardigan illustrates one of the points I made in my blog post about picking sweater patterns:  If you can buy it in a store, and you love it, why bother knitting it yourself?

I found this beige cardigan at Ross last week for $17.  It's a lightweight cotton that I find perfect for in between seasons.  It has this beautiful lace back that is right on trend right now, and is a perfect fit for me (though I could take a better photo of the back).  I love it!

So let's be honest:  I probably couldn't buy the yarn to knit this sweater for $17.  And it would certainly take more than $17 worth of my time to knit.  So the purchase of this cute cardigan was a great buy for me.  Check out more hints on choosing the perfect sweater pattern here.

Oh, and if you like my new Matryoshka doll necklace, check out my tutorial to make your own on my Hubpages!

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